Tower and Steeple – Ormskirk Parish Church Heritage Project

Wednesday 25 January saw the official launch of our Heritage Project. As the church building is used infrequently during the week, we are aiming to return it to its original, mediaeval function, as a meeting-place for the whole community. The aim is to make it suitable for use in hosting a wide variety of events. Initially, this would include only those which could take place in the building as it now appears, but the limitations of a building which, despite its immense size, currently has only a limited amount of performance space, are very much appreciated.

To resolve this, we aim to secure funding which would allow us to make some changes to the furnishings of the building whilst maintaining its integrity as a place which reflects the history of the town itself through its architecture, monuments and memorials. This will involve the involvement of an architect with considerable experience of working in such a building, so that nothing of its present character is lost.

We hope to end up with a building which is flexible enough to be able to cover all eventualities. Ideas already mooted by members of the public have included art exhibitions, classical music concerts, rock concerts, dance, boxing matches, food and beer festivals, awards ceremonies, etc. So, if you have any aspirations to put on an exhibition, an awards ceremony, a workshop, a conference or congress, or anything else, if this takes off, you’ll be able to do it in the surroundings of a beautiful and historic building, reflecting a new dawn in the history of our town!

Please do let us know your thoughts and suggestions!

The ‘Tower and Steeple’ logo projected onto the roof of the South Aisle
Jazz-Band entertaining through the evening
Delegates meet each other, following the opening presentation, to discuss the possibilities for their group or business

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